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— This is a demo, minimal viable product, which is launched to demonstrate the possible way of functionating of the Betrium’s sportsbook.
— Some features and functionality are disabled or limited and will appear step by step during the next 30 days. Only BTC is currently accepted.
— The demo can’t be regarded as a real gambling product and launched for demonstrating purposes only, as it is not covered by any online gambling license.
— Withdrawals are currently disabled. Please note, you won’t be able to withdraw your BTC for the next 90 days.
— The odds and other content are just for demonstration. At the time, we do not guaruantee payment of the winnings made here until May 2018.
— USD balances are for testing purposes only. Each user gets $1000 upon registration. It can’t be withdrawed in future and will disappear.
— We use Cookies in your browser on this website to track user’s activity and form statistics to impove user experience in future.
— By clicking «I Agree», you confirm and agree to the statements listed above.

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